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One of my first jobs was as a rafting guide in California, a wonderful experience which fostered a real love of rivers. One of my first design clients was All-Outdoors Whitewater Rafting. AO published an annual brochure detailing their rafting trips on 10 California Rivers. In 1990 we decided to re-brand their brochure as a “Guide to California Rivers” that could be used for for an extended period of time, thus discontinuing the need for annual printings an allowing for less expensive larger print runs. We expanded to a 24-page magazine format and included a separate price sheet that would include information specific to the current year. The project involved extensive photo editing and the creation of a set of unique maps for each river in the Guide. The printed guide eventually evolved into an online version with links to videos on their website. I feel privileged to collaborate with businesses who are as committed to excellence as All-Outdoors. View more print projects by David Design.