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Three Forests Interpretive Association [3FIA] is a non-profit educational organization that seeks to inform and educate visitors to California’s Stanislaus, Sierra, and Sequoia National Forests. 3FIA publishes and distributes books, brochures, maps and other materials related to the human and natural history of the Sierra Nevada. Profits from these activities are used to help the Forest Service fund a wide range of interpretive and educational programs, contributing to the public’s appropriate use and enjoyment of these precious resources. 3FIA believes that an informed public can aid in the conserving these shared public lands.

3FIA has retail store locations at twelve ranger stations and forest supervisor offices. Their website was designed to be an online source of trusted information for visitors to the Stanislaus, Sierra, and Sequoia National Forests. Individual forest pages include online and downloadable maps and official Forest Visitor Guides. Their blog highlights their own and others interpretive efforts in the region. During the COVID-19 pandemic 3FIA stores were closed to the public. They used the time to enhance their online presence by adding an online map store as well as blog articles with resources and links for students who were studying at home. www.3forests.com

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