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Founded in 1990 by Shawn and Jill Seale, Sierra Nevada Adventure Company (SNAC) is a Sierra Nevada institution. SNAC purveys outdoor clothing and recreational gear from their stores in Sonora, Murphys and Arnold, California, located northwest of Yosemite National Park. SNAC’s logo and brand were carefully considered before the doors opened in 1990. They are known as a trusted provider of quality gear. Their well respected staff’s personal knowledge of the region has made them a popular spot both for locals and as a last stop for backpackers, campers, paddlers headed for the back country. The SNAC logo was designed to produce well both in full color and single color applications. They have used it to put their mark on everything from hats and clothing to frisbee golf discs, and after nearly 30 years of use it remains timeless and functional. View more branding and identity projects by David Design.